bare with us
Take a #drunkbreak🐘 and #barewithus🐘
Let me tell you, this stuff is magic
I feel confident again!
My skin has never been more clear, even or bright
Worth the hype!
Transforming my dry skin to not-so-dry skin
#nofilter needed
Delivered amazing results!
Never looking back!
FROM: Emilie D.
To: Drunk Elephant
Subject: #barewithus
To: Drunk Elephant
Subject: #barewithus


I usually never write to companies—this is actually my very first time doing it...I wanted to let you guys know that you have completely changed my skin!!

I have very bad skin acne all year round. In the summer my skin is very oily and in the winter it is so dry to the point where my skin flakes off! I was even put on Accutane twice in my life (and I’m only 23 so you can imagine how bad my skin was). I would never leave my house without makeup and I have tried literally every product possible and nothing cleared my skin.

About a month ago, I purchased your hydrating serum and night serum and got your face cleanser and the Protini moisturizer as a birthday reward at Sephora.

Ever since, I have been using these products every morning and every night. Within a month, ALL my acne was gone and my skin has never looked and felt healthier (also no more dry skin)!! I am blown away!

I thought you guys should know because your products have literally been life changing for me! I wanted to thank you guys, you have changed a girl’s life!!

So keep doing what you are doing!

Emilie D.

Treating my skin with patience, kindness and @drunkelephant skincare was the magic answer I was looking for.
FROM: Olivia D.
To: Drunk Elephant
Subject: #barewithus
To: Drunk Elephant
Subject: #barewithus


I'm Olivia. I suffered from acne for at least three and a half years, or more easily said, from fifth to seventh grade. Starting middle school with a face full of red splotches was like a form of punishment. I feel like everyone's acne stories are the same but at least mine is true. I actually was made fun of, by mostly boys, but what girl isn't nowadays (which sucks. Boys just can't think of ways to talk to girls without being entirely obnoxious). Anyway, it was mortifying to go to school or to hang out with my friends. Taking pictures or looking in the mirror and not seeing what I wanted to see was painful. Then I stumbled upon Drunk Elephant.

I started using the T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, picking it up for its name, not knowing that I'd been given a little angel in the form of a bottle. Just like magic, the product worked beautifully. After about a month and a half or two months I felt transformed. I went to school peacefully. It's not like approval from idiot boys made me feel better. Being able to feel the weight lifted off of my shoulders is what really mattered. I don't wear makeup so when I had acne there was no way to hide from it but I actually don't need to try and hide anymore.

The Drunk Elephant products, they're totally endgame. They saved my skin. I have no way to pay any of you back for what you have given me. Thank you all so much for letting me share my story with y'all. I still have my bad skin days but that's only because I'm human, but I still couldn't be happier with my skin. To me, my skin is immaculate. I love y'all for this glorious work of dedication to your customers and me.

Sincerely, your most thankful customer,

Olivia D.

Grateful for all the global love!
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